Things To Do While High During Quarantine

You’re stuck at home. It’s been many weeks of not going out. There’s only so much Netflix shows you can watch a day.

What else can you do?

In this article, we will discuss some fun things you can do while high during quarantine. With this list, you will feel that quarantining will go by much faster. Enjoy!

1 – Learn a new Language 

We’ll ultimately have the option to travel once more. Should become familiar with another dialect while you have the opportunity. 

Feel free to assimilate another dialect. That is to say, I’m not going to, however one of us ought to. Anyway, smoke a caviar joint and jump to it! 

2 – Make Blanket Forts 

Smoke a pre roll weed of a decent high energy sativa and snatch each sweeping, wrap, and pad you have. 

Wondering about where to buy CBD oil? Check out your local area and online reviews too before deciding.

Fabricate a sweeping stronghold that would make those fellows on Youtube who assemble pools glad. 

Add Bluetooth speakers, Christmas lights, and that bean sack you actually have for reasons unknown. 

Ever hotboxed in a sweeping fortification? Here’s your possibility, home skillet. Light up some pleasant loosening up strawberry hack and make the most of your new abodes. 

3 – Do Puzzles 

Nothing quiets the nerves like sorting out a charming cat. Daydream with a pleasant 1:1 THC/CBD consumable and gaze at the kitchen table for a few hours. 

Jam your most loved web recording, bite a sticky or four, and chill for a spot. Simply be cautious that you don’t pick the 5000 piece puzzle. Trust me, you will go crazy and spend weeks trying to solve it.

4 – Yoga 

Yoga and cannabis have been interlaced for quite a long time. What preferred approach to calm worry about to pause dramatically while taking in and out in the wake of taking in and holding? 

Order island therapeutics or hit a pleasant cross breed concentrate vape to arrive at your ideal experience, where this is when you can enjoy yoga in a different way.

5 – Learn Magic Tricks 

You don’t comprehend unadulterated euphoria until you are high as giraffe balls on Girl Scout Cookies and somebody does an enchantment stunt for you. 

You could make that euphoria for somebody! Perhaps wow a companion over video talk! It’s simply a bunch of cards and several YouTube recordings away!

6 – Make a Baking Show 

If you’re like me, I tend to buy stuff I don’t need when I go buy  groceries. I would see a snack and decide to buy it even though I wasn’t planning to in the first place.

Make your own baking show where you just grab whatever you have in your pantry and mix it in with your chosen weed strain.

It would make for a great show!

7 – Write a Blog 

Writing a blog while high is an experience you should try. I have done it before and have been surprised at the content that I have produced.

Try it for yourself and let me know what your outcome is.


This article has shown you 7 different ways of things to do while in quarantine. Getting high is not for everyone but if you already do it, why not add these activities into your routine to see if you like it.

What other things have you done while high in quarantine? Tell us in the comments!

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