Role of PHP In Web Development: Important Things To Know

For a business to leave an indelible imprint in consumers’ minds, it needs to have a remarkable digital presence. In an era where technology leads our way, we need to invest in attractive and dynamic web solutions for any business. A website represents and extends the value of a brand. Hence it is suitable for a company to have a website that encourages user interaction, as an increase in user interactivity offers high-profit margins.  

Undoubtedly, a website is the heart and soul of a business. The business owners and developers need to choose the right programming language for their website. Out of an ocean of the available web development languages, PHP tops the list of popularity. Being open-source, easy to understand, and having a massive community of developers assures promising returns. Hire dedicated PHP developers for getting customized web solutions for your business. 

To understand the role of PHP in web development, let us discuss it further.

PHP for Web Development

PHP is the best server-side scripting language; the client only receives the output as processing happens in the server. The processing is done with helpful resources on the server before sending the outputs. This process is in complete contrast with other programming languages like Javascript. The language is processed on the client’s computer, and the resources used are not from the server.

Normal Webcycle Vs. PHP Webcycle

The Normal Web cycle

On a client requesting an HTML page, the process happens in the following manner:

  • Request by Client
  • Request for ‘welcome.html’ is made, locating the welcome.html and sending it as a response to the server.
  • From there, the response for ‘welcome.html’ arrives.
  • This then goes to the client.

The PHP Web Request Cycle 

If a client requests for a PHP page, the request happens in the following manner:

  • Request by Client
  • Request for ‘welcome.PHP’ is done, which is the request that has been sent to the PHP engine. The response is sent as an output from the server.
  • Finally, from here, the response for ‘welcome.PHP’ is sent to the client.

Dynamic Content 

With advancements in technology, less scope is left for static websites. Today, users prefer operating a dynamic website over a static website. PHP allows you to get dynamic websites created. At the same time, websites built on HTML are static. You can hire PHP coders to create a vibrant and creative website for your business. 

PHP Engine Output

The PHP engine outputs content differently as compared to HTML. It happens as the PHP interpreter reads the lines of the files tagged in between and then processes them. Its engine will not process any content without the PHP tag. 

What Makes PHP The Best Choice of Developers?

There are numerous other factors apart from the fact that PHP is dynamic, making it very popular amongst the developers. We are mentioning here some.

Easy to Learn 

In comparison to programming languages like Java and C, PHP is very convenient to learn. Various documentation is available on the web to learn the basics of PHP without any hassle.

Free and Open Source

The components of this language are free to use since it is open source. A business is just required to invest in a good website development company to create an amazing website.


It can run across all major operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, saving lots of effort and time for developers.

Easy Deployment 

Deploying a PHP website is easy at a very low cost as many hosting companies offer a server for running the websites.

Less Development Time

Due to the availability of a massive community of developers and learning documents, a PHP website’s development time is lesser. It allows the company to market its website before that of its competitor.


This web language can turn out to be efficient depending upon how the developer codes it. It is also scalable if the codes are written. Hence PHP is a reliable language.


It is one of the critical languages when it comes to security, as it offers the best layers of protection. Hence developing a web solution with PHP is very much secure in comparison to other languages.


The simplicity of websites created on PHP makes them user-friendly since they get easy to understand and convenient to use.

Easy Integration

PHP doesn’t require you to re-code or re-develop a site that can easily integrate with current company software.

Proven and Tested

Over two decades, various users are using websites created on PHP. Its functions and abilities have proven the test of time, and undoubtedly, it remains the best available solution for website development.


PHP being an open-source and free language proves to be a fantastic solution for web development. Hire PHP developers for your organization to lead with dynamic and unique web solutions. 

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