Innovative Candle Packaging from GCP Provides

Bubble wrap can make a good gift for loved ones, as well as for your friends and business clients. Innovative candle packaging from GCP provides an exciting twist to your presents.

A custom-shaped candle box would immediately catch the eye of many consumers. GCP has several candle designs to choose from. We have a range of sizes, shapes, and colors of custom candle boxes, as well as scents and options for floating candles so that you can be sure to suit your needs. If you want double-paned hinged windows and compartments, please state your specifications in writing. Velvet is the most luxurious of all; there is a multitude of choices, including fine cloth and suede. We sell foil, gold foil, and silver foil, in addition to embossing, debossing. There are many ways to finish an engine. You can get the matte or glossy boxes with the lids, and magnetic closures, and we’ll create your customized wax candles according to your specifications.

Our top-of-the-line printing equipment and techniques ensure that our candle boxes have unequaled design and efficiency. We use optical, screen, and offset, as well as traditional and screen printing techniques to create excellent finished goods. To ensure the longevity of our highest-quality boxes, we work with top-of-of-the-the-the-line printers.

Simplicity has great benefits.

Customer service and quality product delivery has made GCP a respected brand. Many customers rely on us for package design and delivery because we never compromise on quality and always meet deadlines. In order to serve every customer, we aspire to make the service exceptional.

Upscale Container Solutions delivers premium packages at the most competitive price range

It’s important to us that we treat our customers with respect, and make sure you get the value of your money that you have invested in them. To ensure consistency, we employ experts who inspect every box of merchandise before it leaves the plant to guarantee it. We serve high-end customers and are able to maintain the middle-of-of-the-the-the-road pricing with incredible packages.

We’ve created a specialized graphic design department to assist you with your choices. Revamp your brand if you want; we will supply ideas for an improved candle design from here to Pluto.

Therefore, we do whatever we can to save and keep our natural resources.

We’re deeply committed to the customer

GCP strives to satisfy clients’ needs by providing a good experience. All the client questions, problems, requests, and issues are handled instantly via email, phone, and they never make it to our help desk. 24/7/7 call support is available from our highly qualified representatives. We’re in touch with our clients and understand what they want.

With that in mind, we have a delivery period of 10 to 15 days, but if a customer needs to order candle boxes wholesale sooner, we are able to do that. For GCP users’ suggestions were encouraged, so we want to hear from them frequently from time to time. We’re making our services to our clients exclusive and intimate.

Luxury hunting for a slogan for your high-end candles? Send a message to us now!

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