5 Shockingly Easy Nail Designs you can do at Home!

Nail Polish Boxes tend to encase one of the fascinating items that bring color and add value to one’s overall appearance. This packaging reveals a great sense of art to be done on your nails to make them steal the limelight. It is accessible in a variety of custom shapes, sizes, and styles to meet the item’s requirements and fulfill customer’s desires. Vibrant colors are what define these enamels, and for that matter, customizable color schemes are used for that extra vibrant spirit.

Nail Polish Boxes have always been a grace to your dressing tables. With the variety of accessories and embellishments used in adding value to this packaging, it turns into the most compatible yet promising encasement for your enamels. Also, there is absolutely no worry about items breaking, spilling, or losing their texture in any way possible. Let’s shed light on some of the most desirable nail arts that one can easily try at home.

French Manicure 

French nails are considered to be one of the most elegant yet desirable arts that could be done. This art is done on clean and shaped nails. At first, a shiner needs to be applied on the nails and must be waited for to get dry. After the shiner dries up completely, white enamel must be applied on the tip of your nails in a single motion to avoid unnecessary double coats. After the white enamel dries up, the shiner must be applied again for a nice shiny finishing. Nail Polish Boxes reveal the most amazing enamels to grace your nails in the most playful manner. This packaging protects the texture of your enamels in the most efficient manner to assist you in flaunting your French arts.

Polka Dot Nails

This nail art is a perfect combination of trend and livelihood. On clean and clear nails, a base coat must be applied for that shine. After the coat dries up, a variety of vibrant colors can be used for each finger, keeping a good color combination in view. After the nail paint dries up, a bobby pin is to be used to paint those tiny polka dots. Bobby pin must be carefully dabbed once on the colored nails. For a lighter tone of nail paint, darker shades of enamel for dots must be used for them to be made visible. Custom Printed Nail Polish Boxes assist in assessing and choosing the right colors for your dots as the packaging is labeled with all the color scheme details.

Double -toned Deign

This nail art design is one of the easiest to get hands-on and can be tried at home without any complications. All that is required are two perfect shades of enamels that complement each other and tape. For that matter, Custom Nail Polish Packaging could assist in picking the right color schemes that can turn out to be the perfect combination for your hands. This design is much in vogue, and one can flaunt it on any occasion. On clean nails, put a tiny piece of tape for a good partition and avoidance of enamels submerging. Once the partition is done, apply the two enamels one by one. Wait for one to dry up, and then apply the second color to avoid wet enamels getting submerged and creating a mess to the art.

Glittery Nails 

If you love sparkly and shimmery ambiance, then this nail art is a perfect one for you. Glitters add a touch of fantasy and adventure to your nails. All that is needed is your favorite shade of enamel and glitter. On clean, shaped nails, apply the enamel and sprinkle a tiny amount of glitter while the coat is still wet to ensure the glitter gets glued to the paint when dried up. Custom Nail Polish Boxes USA caters to the needs and desires of the customer in the best possible ways. This packaging provides customers with all the enamel specifications required to distinguish between gloss and matte nature. For this art, matte enamels are usually recommended so that glitter could flaunt its presence.

Embellished with Jewels Nails

This nail is perfect for flaunting a wedding or a party. All that is needed is your favorite colored enamel and some tiny pearl or crystal beads. Start off by cleaning your nails for that smooth start. Apply your favorite colored enamel and let it dry. After the enamel dries up, apply some nail glue on the nails and carefully place the tiny jewels with the help of tweezers. Let the embellishments sit for some time to ensure a solid stick on. This design fancies all your hands in the most delicate ways and assures a flaunting look.

The quality factor that the packaging holds ensures customers get the best value for money. Through Custom Nail Polish Boxes Wholesale, businesses get cost cuttings on bulk purchases. This packaging is cheap, and shipping is free all across the US and Canada, with the delivery being made within the promised turnaround time.

Custom Packaging Boxes are seen as the epitome of color and fantasy and encase items that are part of one’s daily cosmetic routine. This packaging never fails to live up to the standards that people expect and caters to all the requirements of those enamels to stay firm till they reach the final consumer.

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